Keeping your new bathroom and kitchen products clean is crucial to having them last for many years to come. Ensure you are doing the upkeep and cleaning properly by following the instructions provided by the manufacture. Click the image to the right and find the manufacture for the recommended routine.

CLICK HERE and find your product’s logo to click for their prepared cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Product care and cleaning


Over time the parts on your toilet may need to be replaced or your faucet may need a new cartridge. Click the picture for how to’s on how to do these changes yourself.


repair and maintenance

Thinking of getting a Walk-in Tub?

Click here to Dive into Safety Bath’s Walk-in Tub Guide on YouTube for a closer look at their features and benefits!

Guide to Choose The Right Color Temperature for your Light Fixture

Shopping for LED fixtures can be challenging, especially when considering factors like the appropriate light temperature for different rooms. To make an informed choice, it’s essential to understand the concept of an LED component’s color temperature.

Choose The Right Color Temperature for LED bulb light fixture


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 To start you off here is a great article from Mr. Steam for planning your home steam shower!

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