To allow us to serve you best we ask that all clients pre-book their visit to our showroom.

To book your appointment call or email:

369 Logan Avenue, 204-947-0986

3-996 Lorimer Blvd, 204-947-5586

[email protected]

Appointments will be scheduled during our regular hours of Monday through Friday 9am-4pm. Please let our associates know what products or services you are coming in for to allocate the appropriate amount of time for your visit. 

Many time slots are available for appointments and short notice can often accomodated.



At Dynasty Bathrooms we have a responsibility to protect our employees, our clients, business partners and their families.
With the ongoing presence of Covid-19 and the highly contagious Delta variant is now circulating in Manitoba, Not wearing a mask certainly poses a public health risk.
As such our showrooms with continue to:
– Maintain a Mask Wearing Policy
– Require client sign-in for contract tracing
– Offer hand sanitizer upon entry
– Practice social distancing
– Disinfect frequently used items
– Require those with flu-like symptoms do not enter our showroom
We Thank-You for your co-operation and understanding


Be part of the Dynasty Bathrooms team!


All shipping and receiving also require appointments.

Unless otherwise discussed, shipping of orders takes place from our Logan Avenue location.

Appointments can be booked by contacting either showroom or the email address noted above.

For large or multiple products, our warehouse can be accessed off Fountain Avenue.