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Javelin Rust Stain Remover removes surface rust from all forms of steel, acrylics, porcelain, fiberglass and tile surfaces. It also removes severe scale buildup, rust stains, soap scum and other inorganic deposits. The thick and clinging gel gives longer contact time and improved chemical reaction.

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Dissolves and removes rust fast. Concentrated formula for faster reaction. Quickly cleans rust off old fittings and pipes. Rust stains on fixtures dissolves almost on contact.

Thickened gel formula clings to vertical surfaces for longer contact time. Phosphatizes metal – protects metals to prevent further corrosion.

Less fumes – pleasant mint fragrance when compared with most acid cleaners.

Economical – full power when you need it, dilutes up to 3:1 for economy.

Clean rusted fittings for re-use. Cleans rust stains from toilets, urinal bowls, basins, fixtures, chrome faucets, drinking fountains and shower stalls. Safe on aluminum, cast iron, black pipe, grout (color-test first), steel and stainless steel.