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Are your white clothes not-so-white anymore? OUT® White Brite® Laundry Whitener brightens and removes the dingies bleach and oxis can’t. Dingy whites caused by rust stains and yellowing, stubborn red clay and red dirt, unfortunate color bleeds and even iron-fortified baby formula stains have all met their match with this effective laundry whitener.

Ideal for regions with high iron and red clay, White Brite eliminates stubborn red clay or red dirt stains. It works great on white baseball pants and other white sports uniforms, and it also reverses unfortunate color bleeds. White Brite is safer than bleach for use on white and colorfast fabrics, including delicates, and can safely be used in all washing machines. White Brite delivers the results you are looking for…cleaner, brighter, fresher laundry!

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White Brite

White Brite is uniquely formulated to whiten and brighten white clothes more safely and effectively than bleach or oxi. It removes yellowing and rust stains caused by iron and other water impurities, eliminates stubborn red clay stains and reverses unfortunate color bleeds. White Brite makes dingy whites bright again and keeps them looking new.

How Often to Use: Use OUT White Brite with each laundry load or as needed to whiten and brighten.

Non-Compatible Surfaces/Materials: OUT White Brite should only be used on white and colorfast fabrics. It may have the ability to cause irreversible damage to embroidery. Test in an inconspicuous area before use.

Performance Guaranteed. All of our products have a money–back guarantee, promising that every product will meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re not satisfied with product performance, mail your register receipt along with UPC to Summit Brands for a full refund.

Do not mix with products containing bleach or peroxide.

Safe for use in all washing machines, including HE, and with septic systems.

Made in the USA.

Read entire label before using. DO NOT USE with peroxide, bleach, bleach-detergents, oxi-stain removers or oxi-detergents.

PRE-SOAK for tough stains on whites

  1. Fill a plastic container with 1 gallon of warm water and add 1/2 cup of White Brite.
  2. Soak stained white clothing in solution for 20 minutes*.
  3. Remove and wash as normal.

How to use

*For stubborn stains increase dosage and/or soaking time.

LAUNDRY BOOSTER for brighter whites

  1. Add 1/2 cup of White Brite to warm water as washer is filling (for front loading machines add White Brite to the detergent drawer).
  2. Once washer is full, add clothes and let soak for 5 minutes (if possible, with soak cycle or by stopping machine).
  3. Add detergent and wash as normal.

Precautions And Safety

  • Do not use with peroxide, bleach, bleach-detergents, oxi-stain removers or oxi-detergents.
  • Use with adequate ventilation only.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • Do not ingest product.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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