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Re-Mov™ Adhesive and Silicone remover represents a true breakthrough for effectively removing adhesives, silicones, caulks, surface glues and other highly difficult materials. The patented formula in Re-Mov™ literally “breaks the bond” of most commercial adhesives, even if they have been in place for years. What’s more, Re-Mov contains no flammable or corrosive chemicals, making it safe for use on most surfaces without damage.



Instantly Unbonds and Removes Adhesives such as:

    • Tape Residue
    • Silicone & Polyurethane Caulks
    • Labels
    • Window Films
    • Gum
    • Liquid Nails®*
    • Enamel Spray Paint
    • Expanding Foam
    • Surface Glues
    • Tar and Sap
    • “Permanent” Marine Adhesives (Such As 3M 5200®)**

Safe and Effective for Use on Most Surfaces, including:

    • Metals
    • Glass
    • Furniture
    • Fiberglass and Gel Coat
    • Most Plastics
    • Most Carpets
    • Most Clothing
    • Tile
    • Vinyl
    • Porcelain
    • Brick
    • Countertops
    • Wood
    • Varnished and Painted Surfaces