Product Code: EUPHORIA

What sort of shower do you want today? With the Euphoria SmartControl 310 shower system you can chose between – or combine – two spray patterns, depending on your mood. GROHE PureRain creates a relaxing, refreshing shower, as soft as summer rain, while the new GROHE ActiveRain spray delivers a powerful, invigorating spray, strong enough to rinse out shampoo.
With Euphoria SmartControl 310 you can also be assured that comfort and safety are key. GROHE TurboStat technology ensures that water is delivered at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second, and remains constant for the duration of your shower.

Every aspect of the Euphoria SmartControl 310 is designed to be easy to use – the shower glider makes adjusting the height of the hand shower effortless, while the QuickFix shower rail is simple to install, just by using existing drilled holes.

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Dual Function Spray



What makes the Euphoria SmartControl 310 shower system such a joy to use is the intuitive “push, turn, shower” operation. As well as giving you precise control of the water volume, the Euphoria 310’s SmartControl function makes switching between spray patterns and hand shower – and even combining two at once – easy. With Euphoria SmartControl 310 you can even store your preferred water volume for the next time you take a shower.