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Shower Faucet Type

Shower Set


Brushed Nickel, Chrome

Special Features

Solid Brass Construction



  • 8” Rain shower provides a soft, relaxing shower experience.
  • Shared Functions allowing you to operate both functions at the same time.
  • Hand held shower is a must.  Use it to reach for precision rinsing; perfect for showering children, dogs and for cleaning the shower with ease.
  • Shower kits feature metal construction for durability and reliability.
  • The fluid Pressure balancing volume control ceramic cartridge keeps you and your family safe from scalding. If an appliance is turned on or toilet flushed while in the shower, these precision valves balance the hot and cold water to ensure a safe and enjoyable shower experience.
  • Available with standard, PEX or PEX cold expansion 1960 valves
  • Single lever handle operation allows temperature and volume control
  • Single lever handle operation allows both volume and temperature control