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Posted on 23 Mar 2016 by lbesser
Our showroom now has 2 NEW 1 Piece Toilets on Display. Check out the Toto Carlyle II:

Posted on 17 Mar 2016 by lbesser
With many different options out there here are some things to factor when making your decision:
One Piece vs Two Piece
Two piece toilets have a separate tank and base and are the more common option. Because the pieces fit together there will be a seam, thereby an extra spot for cleaning between. Two piece toilets have an advantage of being easier to transport and carry, especially if the toilet needs to be carried up stairs.
One piece toilets are considered to have a “designer look “offering clean lines which are very aesthetically appealing and are less maintenance and easy to clean.
There are no performance difference between a one piece and two piece toilet.
Seat Height
Many toilets are now “easy-height”, “comfort-height”, “universal height”, and depending on the manufacturer this can range from 16-18”. These toilets are a bit easier for getting in and out of a sitting position and are a good option for long-term as people age.
Concealed vs Integrated Base
This decision rests not only on style but also on maintenance. A concealed bowl has a more seamless modern base with softly rounded/flat surface for easy wipe down. Keep in mind that a concealed or skirted bowl is typically elongated so you require a bit more floor room.
An exposed bowl is more common as it does offer both bowl styles and rough-in options. Offering a mid-range price the exposed trap way does require a bit more maintenance.
Unless you are designing your bathroom from scratch it is not practical to move the placement of a toilet. In some cases we are able to install a wall hung toilet which allows us to maximize floor space.
If possible a toilet should be a minimum of 30” (15 inches from nearby objects measured from the centre point of the toilet) from vanities, showers, walls. The difference between a Round vs an Elongated seat can be 2+” allowing you more room within small bathrooms.
Dual-flush vs Lever
Dual-flush toilets provide two flushing options either a 3LPF & 6LPF or a 3LPF & 4.8LPF. This is a great option if you want to be able to control you water consumption. Whether it is city living or you are on a holding tank system this is a preference decision.
Single-flush, or lever flush toilets are now very water conservative and use much less water than they once did, making them just as conservative, using between 3-4.8 litres per flush. Single flush toilets typically have less moving parts then a dual flush toilet making repairs easy.
While White is the most common colour there are a variety of shades available ranging from Biscuit, Bone, Beige, Almond along with not as common shades of Grey or Black. When determining which colour is right for your bathroom look to match or correspond with the bathtub or sink colour. It is good to note that different manufacture’s shades may differ slightly. If trying to match exact shades you may wish to choose the same manufacturer for the corresponding items.
Posted on 16 Mar 2016 by lbesser
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Posted on 16 Mar 2016 by lbesser

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